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Recently got 600 followers sooooo why not.


Here’s the deal. I have shiny starters from generations one through four (I couldn’t show the gen four starters because of the ten picture limit).

There will be four winners. The winners will get three Pokemon of their choosing. It could be a whole set of shinies from a specific gen, it could be random, etc.

First place gets to pick any three of these cuties.

Second place chooses from the remaining ones, then the same for third and fourth.


Likes and reblogs count. Do it as much as you want idc just be mindful of your followers cause they might get upset.

Don’t gotta be following me. I’m not going to be selfish just because people aren’t following a fandom blog.

M U S T have Pokemon X and Y (obviously).

Gotta have that ask box open, mang.

Gotta give me your friend code if you win. If not, well bye to you.

Giveaway ends March 1st at Midnight. I will choose winners around that time. Winners have two days to respond, and if they don’t, then I’ll pick new winners.

Have fun. :^)

Gonna reblog this every day until March 1st.

Also, forgot to mention. Gonna use a random number generator to pick winners. It’s gon be random and fair, ya’ll.

Also reblogging for the followers on my legit blog. 


My eyes hurt like shit but I don’t want to sleep.


People try to make me feel so guilty for training against Audinos cause of how they heal your Pokemon.

But honestly all the high-level Audinos I’ve ever trained against just spam attacks like Double-Edge and actually do a whole bunch of damage to my team.

And all the while it just stands there smiling innocently like “I’m gonna dance in your ribcage fricker”

So yeah I don’t really feel that guilty for training on them.

never feel bad because they deserve it for giving you that smug look during the battle

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